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Fencing Schedule

FUNdamentals of Fencing (beginners age 6 to 10/11))

Attend classes once, twice or three times a week.
Tuesday and Thursday 5 - 7

Saturday 10:30 - 12:30
Details at https://wayofthesword.org/fundamentals/

To enroll in a class, click on a day and time to start and follow the instructions.


Students are directed by a trainer during high-intensity interval workouts.
We created a partnership with Results Fitness, a full-service professional gym located two doors down from us.

Parents can also sign up Results Fitness personal training. Learn more at:

Footwork & Technical Drills (Teams 8+)

Technical and tactical fencing lessons delivered by a certified coach. Universal footwork drills as well as specific drills to weapon form. Extensive blade work by weapon form at every practice.

Adult Fencing

Adult fencing lessons and fitness with open bouting are available. Beginners to experienced fencers welcome. Nine ground strips available.
Epee, foil, and sabre available..see schedule.

WS Fencing Class $150Purchase required to enroll

Select the course you want to register for and make payment.

Details https://wayofthesword.org/workspace/

Open Bouting (All In) Plan available for $5,100No purchase required to enroll

Members or guests must have their own electrical fencing equipment and be autonomous in order to participate in open bouting.

Team Building Activites (Teams 8+)

Games and challenges designed to foster team spirit and camaraderie.

Home School Fencing & Fitness $30 per classFrom $25 per visit with Fencing 4-Pass appicable for adults and homeschool students passNo purchase required to enroll

Fencing and fitness program for home school students. Ages 7+. This program includes professional fencing instruction and conditioning with all specialized equipment provided.